Feeling Wild and Sexy!

Feeling Wild and Sexy!
Animal print dress that I wore to the Princeton Club on 05/07/10 - woohoo!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Well I guess I'm back into blogging again!

Now that I have left the Twitter scene and no longer in "Twitterland".  After attempting it multiple (some of it was encouragement from my fans, to those I apologize) times, I felt that it was no longer for me and a waste of time. 

I put many hours of work into taking my own pictures with a timer, editing and uploading as well as coming up with text or a little storyline for my updates and, contrary to what some of you who have no clue think "oh that's easy" "oh that's a no-brainer" , etc, it's STILL WORK and I DO THIS TO MAKE MONEY.  I was trying to use Twitter to promote my site to generate sales but all that I felt that it benefitted anymore was mainly freeloaders who wanted to see pictures of me, jerk off to them then harass me about stupid shit that I have no time for.  So there,  I am just letting you guys know and putting it out there my feelings and exactly WHY I will not do the Twitter thing ever again.

But then again, there is always my SC site that you can view for my latest pictures as well as my news section for the latest updates as well as I now have a "Fantasies" page where I am writing short story fantasies and then realities as well, the things that I have actually done.  WARNING:  Some content might not be suitable for everybody, including upcoming stories of:  FISTING, GANGBANGS AND INTERRACIAL (oh my!) type of scenarios.  I know of  a few fans out there or former fans who used to be nice to me - but since they know how I REALLY AM or rather, how my interests have changed and that I am now back to doing these types of things again - they have been saying pretty mean things and trying to sabotage my SC site.

Well, to those of you who don't approve -  TOO FUCKING BAD! IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT THEN DON'T LOOK, GO THE FUCK AWAY AND GET A LIFE!  I am so tired of being nice and polite, sorry!  Why people have to get ridiculously jealous like this is beyond me.  I guess they lose control of their mentality and bashing somebody else just makes them feel better about themselves. 

Anyways back to our regularly scheduled program....lol

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Coffee and Sex (Part 2)


Now, I was going to make you all wait for the more interesting part of this two part "series" blog or whatever the hell you call it, I don't know.  But I didn't want to wait and didn't want to put it off because I don't blog on here very often so it might end up being another month before I would post part 2 so here goes, lol

As far as sex goes, I suppose you could call me a real freak.  I love sex and I'm almost 99.9% certain that I am addicted to sex.  They say though that is only a bad thing if it interferes with your everyday life and hurts your family and loved ones.  Well, as far as I am concerned it is NOT hurting my family, it does NOT interfere with my everyday life as I have a job and make money as a result of it, aka my Southern Charms and Niteflirt websites, I have a roof over my head, a warm bed and can occasionally enjoy the finer things in life as well.  I have a happy healthy sex life, I masturbate almost daily plus I enjoy making love with my husband.  Then we have our family who we spend quality time with and friends as well who we hang out with and then our "special" friends who we play with when we have the time :)

I enjoy the website, I enjoy posing for the camera but here's a little secret - I enjoy taking my own pictures even more because it is more intimate - that I am posing as well as playing for you - my viewer, whether you are a fan, or a member, I love being your cyber girlfriend aka fantasy lover.  Personally, when I am shooting I get really turned on with anticipation as I can't wait to get my clothes off and start shooting the really naughty pictures, playing with myself, spreading myself for you - and using toys.  It's all good and it feels good, so what is so bad about it right? 

When having sex, whether it's on or off camera, my favorite part is the foreplay - I truly enjoy kissing and if you don't enjoy kissing me then why even have sex?!  Then comes the carressing and the tasting, which is the ultimate turn-on - AS LONG AS YOU KNOW HOW TO DO IT.  I have been with guys who go down on me and they totally have no clue what they are doing, or they are only down there for ten seconds then they want to just whip it out and start jackhammering away.  And that's another issue - if you don't know how to fuck properly then you aren't pleasuring a woman, trust me guys you aren't.  I have been with guys who are so rough that literally they hurt me, this one guy who we used to play with still calls us and I won't call him back because I don't have the nerve to tell him that he isn't good at pleasuring me.  Haha, let some other woman tell him, maybe he'll learn one of these days LOL  But then again, maybe I should give him one more last chance, just tell him hey you need to be a little more gentle with me, I like it more softer, I like more oral, etc.  I don't know, I would feel bad telling him because then he might think I'm telling him he's not a good lover.

But most of my experiences have been good, the only thing is I haven't gotten to play with enough sexy women.  I had a guy ask me recently which I enjoyed more, men or women.  I told him definitely men, although being bisexual I'll admit that I am truly attracted to women as long as they are feminine and clean and take care of themselves to a certain extent.   I am not super picky and I am not shallow, as I know that I am not perfect nor do I expect others to be.  But definitely for there to be any playing there must be a connection as well as a definite chemistry.

I am selective and if you have written to me before and have gotten a minimal response, it most of the time means that I might be busy with my personal/family life, but then also it could possibly be because I am not interested.  I hate to admit but I don't always have the "balls" to flat out tell somebody that they are not my type as I do not want to hurt their feelings.  I have had this one guy who we keep talking to, he texted me yesterday and I have told him a few times that we are taking a break, so then last night I told him that he was an attractive guy, but that we were no longer interested and good luck in his search and future endeavors, etc.  I guess after this he finally got the hint because he didn't text back.  If he does text us back again I hate to admit it but I'm going to have to get a little bit rude with him.   I'm starting to wish that there was a way that you could block certain people from texting altogether, if anybody knows if there is (which I am sure there is but I just haven't bothered to look into it) please let me know. 

Anyways, I could ramble on and on.  I have some of my other favorite sexual things listed on my bio on my website so if you want to read more please read my BIO and/or FAQ pages on my website.

Hope this was an interesting enough Part 2 sequel to this entry.  Again, I appologize for any typos, incorrect spelling or grammar as I am only an amateur :)  Also if this wasn't what you were expecting I appologize.  I might start a blog in the Member's Section of my website or maybe even a "vlog" video log where I both talk to you and "demonstrate" a few things that I like sexually...a little talk and alot of ACTION (wink)  lol

Have a Sexy Day!


Coffee and Sex (Part 1)


Two of my favorite indulgences are sex and coffee - and both are necessities for me as well!  First of all, as most of you who have gotten to know me over a period of time know that I love coffee.  I love Starbucks and used to frequent this place as well as this one local coffee shop in my hometown that has since closed down unfortunately and I have no clue why because they were awesome - they had these chocolate flavored coffee drinks that they used Ghirardelli chocolate in and the my favorite flavored coffee was the dark chocolate raspberry mocha - oh it was to die for! Yum!!  Also they had this other one that I tried and it tasted just like an Almond Joy candybar, it was really delicious too!  As far as Starbucks goes, my favorite beverages there is the skinny carmel macchiato, iced in the summer and hot in the fall and winter.  I also love the pumpkin latte in the fall time as well as the white chocolate mint mocha or the gingerbread mocha in the winter time around the Holidays.  I also love the creme brulee' mocha  - then let's not forget the eggnogg mocha as well.  Hell they are all good, I love them all! LOL I normally try to make them "skinny" with skimmed milk to try to cut back on calories and fat, although I know that they still have alot of calories anyways but oh well!  Screw dieting anyways LOL

I bought a Keurig back during the summer, actually hubby surprised me with it - one of our friends had bought one and we both were fascinated with it.  Sure the box of K-cups run around $11-$12 for a box of 18 of them but if you break it down it's still cheaper than the $4.00 mochas from Starbucks, especially for us living out in the country with the nearest Starbucks being 20 miles away so it really is quite affordable.  We have it now worked out to where the husband buys his Caribou coffee light roast K-cups and I will buy a box of flavored coffee.  I bought a variety box of the fall K-cups which included pumpkin spice coffee, cappuccino, hot cocoa and hot apple cider.  I enjoyed them all except for the apple cider, there are still eight of them left and the rest is gone.  Then I had a very sweet fan who sent me a box of Timothy's Pumpkin Spice flavored coffee K-cups - it was heavenly as well! 

Now I am working on the Donut Shop Chocolate Glazed Donut flavor and really enjoying it.  It smells sooo good while it is brewing and reminds me exactly of a chocolate glazed donut mixed with coffee :)  I am thinking of trying another flavor when this box runs out (which will be in the next day or so) and so if anybody has a suggestion of what flavor for me to try next, feel free to let me know.  I would love to try some type of mint chocolate type of mocha but I didn't see anything like this so if you know of any type of K-cups in this particular flavor or similar please let me know about this as well :)  I might just buy some regular or vanilla flavored coffee and some mint flavored Bailey's Irish cream (I LOVE Bailey's!) and kick it up a notch for one of those evenings sitting by the fireplace....which could lead to some other things in this cozy romantic setting...mmmmm

Speaking of that...now that I am done talking about coffee....onto my next favorite indulgence.....SEX!!! 

Better to save the best for last, right? lol



P.S.  I am not an author so please do not criticize me for errors or improper grammar, this is strictly amateur and just for kicks and giggles as well as the enjoyment of those who enjoy the simple things in life just like I do ;)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


If you read my profile on my Southern Charms page on my photos page and my Bio, you will know by now that I LOVE Halloween and I love Fall!  I love dressing up for Halloween, love the sexy costumes.  I guess it's kind of because it is fantasy role-play, which I am a huge fan of, I love to portray or pretend to be somebody else and kind of act out the part. 

In this month's updates on my SC site you will see me wearing various costumes.  I so far have dressed up as a nurse, a sexy little preppy girl (sort of like a schoolgirl I guess you could say), tomorrow on 10/19 I will be wearing my sexy lady cop costume, and then we'll see what else we can come up with!  I did dress up as Lil' Bo Peep a couple of years ago and my hubby even took pictures outside of me wearing the costume and being naughty, a sexy witch costume a few years ago when I was previously on Southern Charms, and then I have alot of leather and biker clothes so if you consider this a costume I have plenty of it I can wear in a set as well before the month is over!  But what I really want most is a new French maid costume since this is what I feel like best suits me, since I am a domestic diva, in other words a housewife and I am always cleaning the house.  Which also reminds me to point out the cooking update in Update #9 where I am wearing my black apron with my fingernails and toenails painted orange and black so that was very Halloween themed as well I guess you could say.

I am supposed to be attending a naughty Halloween bash at a Lifestyle club on Saturday October 29th so it would be alot of fun to wear a sexy maid costume (or any other costume for that matter), and to check out what all of the other sexy people at this club decide to dress up as.   I have never been to one of their Halloween parties at this place, so it should be fun.  Last year I went to a local pub and it was sort of a biker type bar but they had an awesome Halloween party.  I dressed up in my naughty nurse costume and a friend of mine kept buying me Washington Apple drinks and I got pretty highly intoxicated.  I think I might have even drank jager bomb which I hate those (last time I had a shot of that stuff I flashed my tits at a nearby local hole in the wall bar - will NEVER be going back there again needless to say!!).  Anyways, this "pub" had a costume party and a stripper pole on stage and whoever wanted to be in the contest was to go up to this stripper pole and do their thing.  So drunk lil ol me, I wasn't going to at first but hubby and our friends kept egging me on and encouraging me so I went up there and made an ass out of myself.  I got a little to risque' in this public bar and started undoing my nurse dress - luckily I had a red lacy bra and matching panties on underneath and I came to my senses before I started stripping those off LOL.  Needless to say, the next morning I was feeling VERY rough and so wishing that I had not drank.  I told my husband and friends I was NEVER EVER going to drink again.  Haha they said...they never were again either.  Until the following weekend.

So I am curious how this Halloween will be for me...or if I do actually get to attend this  naughty Halloween party....knowing my luck something will go wrong and it won't happen.  But one can always hope and wish....


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thanks for the Warm Welcome SC Fans!! :)

Well it has certainly been busy here for Ms. Sierra Lynn!  I have gotten ALOT of fan mail and lots of responses to my sets so far!  I have been trying to update as much as possible to stockpile my site with all sorts of goodies for you to feast your horny eyes on! My latest update was a fetish update and in my opinion it turned out awesome.  I am getting the hang of shooting my own pictures and learning something new everytime I shoot a set.  Thanks to a very generous fan/member who believes in me and sent me a very nice tripod, I am actually having fun shooting pics and it is fun managing this by myself and not having to wait on a photographer to free up his time for me - I can do it all!  Yes, I am superwoman!! :)

I started shooting a really hot set earlier this afternoon wearing my sexy thigh high leather boots, PVC mini skirt, black velvet (I LOVE velvet clothing!) and SMOKING! If you have a leather PVC fetish and/or a smoking fetish then this will definitely get you turned on for sure!  I haven't finished shooting but so far have over 50 pictures and probably by the time the evening is over with I will have at least 50 more taken and then a hot set sent over for you just in time for Friday!  What a better way to unwind after work than to get on a very horny and wet MILF's site, unzip your pants and start stroking...

AND...since it is Halloween I will be adding some really cool stuff - I happen to love costumes so you will get to see me dressed as a naughty nurse, a sexy cop, and a slutty secretary and more to cum!  I might even dress up as the thing that I am best at - a maid costume!!

So stay tuned and stay hard!!!

Sierra Lynn

Saturday, October 1, 2011


Here I am on Southern Charms (again)!

After three years I am BACK!!! I am very happy to be back on Southern Charms. After much family drama I have decided to put all of that behind me and get back on my favorite amateur adult site and it is so great being back on here.

Ok, for those of you who don't know me or have no clue what the hell I am talking about let me bring you up to speed:

I was on Southern Charms from November '03 until May of '08 under the name of Blondi Girl. I was shy at the time, younger and a bit naive but I had a great time shooting thousands of XXX pictures and a bunch of really hot videos with some other hot charms, some of them who are no longer on SC but a few who still are. Unfortunately I do not have any of those pictures up until late 2007 and 2008 up until I had to close my site but I will get into that later.

Anyways, all was going well until a nosey family member who was having personal issues with themself decided to snoop on my laptop one evening while my husband and I were at CVS picking up medicine for our youngest. I did not have a password on my laptop and so therefore they saw everything on my computer and my website. So, instead of taking charge and reminding myself that this was bound to happen sooner or later and just brushing it aside and moving on, I could not do that. I ran into my little corner and shut down the site.

As far as the pictures, in my frustration I destroyed a bunch of CD's and deleted a bunch of my SC updates, pictures that were all the way from my very first update taken with my Canon Powershot camera or whatever we had before we upgraded to the Canon Rebel and eventually the Canon 30D. All those pictures, all that time and effort invested - poof! Gone.

I left the net for a few months. Then I decided to get on another site, which I was on for a couple of years but again a bunch of issues came up, this time with health and other family matters came up so I decided it was time to say goodbye to them too. Then my health got better and I decided that I was not done...I needed to get back on Southern Charms, that I could not say goodbye to beign on the internet. I loved the attention too much, loved being naked on the camera too much - it has always turned me on being naughty and the best and most fun job I have ever had - maybe not the best paying job - but definitely so much fun and such a turn on.

So I am back on the site - and I have learned how to take my own pictures, edit and upload to the server, etc, all that fun stuff that I didn't know how to do before. Even though my husband doesn't really care to be much involved in my SC site, he still supports me 100% and is very impressed by my self photography so far. Granted, I am still cutting my head off in a few pictures and don't always manage to get all of my body in the picture but hey, cut me some slack - I am new at this and still learning. I have a ways to go but I am working very hard at it and they pictures are very clear and the lighting is excellent as well as the close-up pics of my private areas ;) So needless to say, you fans are in for a real treat when you check out the pay section of my site - and it will only get BETTER :)

Also I have some videos that I am going to be uploading to my site this week as well and going to be learning how to shoot my own videos. I have a new tripod (thanks to a very generous member, thanks Matt!) and I have two high quality digital camcorders, a Panasonic and a Sony HD camcorder. Both camcorders have a remote too so I can zoom and out.

Anyway, I will stop babbling for now and wrap up this entry as it is getting late. We went to a friend's house this evening and ended up staying way too late. I was kind of looking around on my files and found this site and how much I used to blog on here so I decided to start again since I enjoyed it quite a bit before. I loved getting emails from fans who let me know how much they had enjoyed reading about my little adventures and everyday life on here. So here I am again...

Ok now my eyes keep drooping, its 2:40 a.m. and I keep dozing off LOL Talk to everybody soon and as mentioned before I am so excited and I look forward to receiving comments from you all about my website!