Feeling Wild and Sexy!

Feeling Wild and Sexy!
Animal print dress that I wore to the Princeton Club on 05/07/10 - woohoo!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Thanks for the Warm Welcome SC Fans!! :)

Well it has certainly been busy here for Ms. Sierra Lynn!  I have gotten ALOT of fan mail and lots of responses to my sets so far!  I have been trying to update as much as possible to stockpile my site with all sorts of goodies for you to feast your horny eyes on! My latest update was a fetish update and in my opinion it turned out awesome.  I am getting the hang of shooting my own pictures and learning something new everytime I shoot a set.  Thanks to a very generous fan/member who believes in me and sent me a very nice tripod, I am actually having fun shooting pics and it is fun managing this by myself and not having to wait on a photographer to free up his time for me - I can do it all!  Yes, I am superwoman!! :)

I started shooting a really hot set earlier this afternoon wearing my sexy thigh high leather boots, PVC mini skirt, black velvet (I LOVE velvet clothing!) and SMOKING! If you have a leather PVC fetish and/or a smoking fetish then this will definitely get you turned on for sure!  I haven't finished shooting but so far have over 50 pictures and probably by the time the evening is over with I will have at least 50 more taken and then a hot set sent over for you just in time for Friday!  What a better way to unwind after work than to get on a very horny and wet MILF's site, unzip your pants and start stroking...

AND...since it is Halloween I will be adding some really cool stuff - I happen to love costumes so you will get to see me dressed as a naughty nurse, a sexy cop, and a slutty secretary and more to cum!  I might even dress up as the thing that I am best at - a maid costume!!

So stay tuned and stay hard!!!

Sierra Lynn

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